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Terms of Use / Service Agreement

1. Introduction

You are accessing the Website "". If you pretend to access to the services provided here, you should read carefully the text presented thereafter with the general conditions for utilisation.
If you choose to access to our services you should keep in mind that your decision, according to the information that we require, implies the acceptance of the conditions described thereafter.

2. Description of the services available and of the general utilisation conditions

a) Services description

Through this site, microCortex provides to the users (any person or entity that has access to the site) the right to use its data analysis site (using artificial neural networks) via the World Wide Web, through the website and other related websites.
Therefore, microCortex may, whenever it wishes, use other sites related with this one, as well as use software provided by third parties.
In the last situation, if the third party demands that the user obtains directly from it a licence to use this software, this licence, including all the required proceedings, is not included in the services provided by microCortex and will be regulated within the conditions agreed between the third party and the user.

b) Conditions for the utilisation of the services

- The right to have access and to use the services above described is valid for the period of 3 years.
- The referred right is not exclusive of the user
- The user has to fully accept the instructions supplied by microCortex
- The user cannot sell, rent, licence or transfer for any other mean, totally or partially, the right to have access and the usage of the services provided by microCortex;
- The user cannot sell, rent, licence or transfer for any other mean, totally or partially, any software, technology or information received directly from microCortex or from a third party that it has access according to the conditions described above;
- The user cannot copy, reproduce or distribute, in the all or in parts of it, any work based upon the services provided by microCortex; - When this agreement ended the user is obliged to erase any download which content associates with microCortex's know-how;
- The user is obliged to keep full confidentiality about all the data, information and other elements which may have or not technical/scientific content, independently of the transmission mean, associated with microCortex or to the services by it provided;
- In what the know-how developed by microCortex is concerned, including any database and confidentiality to which the user is obliged, all the rules that regulate the copyrights and the intellectual property will be applied.
- If results obtained from the services are to be used for academic or non-academic purposes, the services must be referred to as "neural network identification was performed with early stopping by cross-validation and topology optimisation by bootstrapping (selection criteria: median cross-validated error) using microCortex web based neural computing environment (". This line must be added to any report.
- The above-mentioned obligations apply for the term of this agreement and for a period of 3 years after its cessation.
- If the user is an employee of an entity that purchases a subscription to the services and provides access to the user thereunder, the terms and conditions of such subscription shall supercede this Terms of Use/Service Agreement, and the user hereby agrees to and shall be bound by the date the user accesses the services through such subscription.
- The user agrees to provide, upon request, always true, accurate, current and complete information as required by the service's registration form and to maintain and promptly update the information to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.
- If the user provides information to microCortex that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, microCortex will not be held responsible for any faults in the services arising from it, and microCortex has the right to suspend or terminate the present agreement and refuse to provide the user with any current or future access to and use of the services.
- The user is not allowed to transfer, without the explicit consent of microCortex, partially or totally, in any form, the rights that he is entitled to by this agreement.
- microCortex is entitled to transfer at all times, without the users consent, partially or totally the rights and obligations described in the present agreement.
- microCortex may modify, discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the services, including removal or addition of functionality or content, and/or change the terms and conditions of the agreement, including, without limitation, terms that microCortex may require to 'pass through' to the user as a result of a separate agreement between microCortex and a supplier. The user will be notified of any material change in the terms of this agreement.
- The user agrees not to use the present services for illegal or harmful purposes that may directly or indirectly harm microCortex.

3. Security

microCortex ensures the user that it has taken all the necessary measures within its control, to prevent the free and not authorized access to the services that it makes available to the user. However, and due to the specific characteristics of these services, microCortex does not assume the responsibility for any problems associated with the failure of the security system that was possible to implement.
The user should use all the means available to him in order to ensure the safety of the process, and he is obliged to inform immediately microCortex for any failure or other problem associated with the security system that he noticed.

4. Privacy Policy

microCortex will not use or reveal to any third party any data submitted to the site by the user.

5. Information about the user

The user authorises microCortex to use the information concerning him, provided that this information does not have any personal elements.
However, microCortex may also require personal data about the user, independently of its authorisation, in the case that this information is absolutely mandatory for the accomplishment of the services and the fulfilment of the present agreement.

6. Password

The Password to be created by the user, with the purpose of the subscription of the present agreement and the accomplishment of the services, should be used only by the user and nobody else.
The Password content is strictly confidential, being the user responsible for the usage by third parties non authorised.

7. Sites and associated Links

microCortex reserves the right to indicate to the user, with the purpose of the accomplishment of the services, the sites and the links that it thinks appropriated, and it does not assumes the responsibility for any failures, losses or problems suffered by the user directly associated with the usage of these sites or links.

8. Guaranties

microCortex does not guaranty to the user that the services provided correspond fully to its requirements, neither that these services are without any failures or other problems.

9. Non compliance

In case of non-accomplishment of the conditions described before, the user has to compensate microCortex and all its employees directly involved in the services provided, in the proportions of the losses caused.
microCortex may also, in the case of a non accomplishment, stop immediately the effect of the present agreement.

10. Prevalence

The present agreement prevails above any other previous agreements

11. Applicable Law

All the issues that are not regulated under these general conditions will be regulated by the worldwide legislation applicable to general contracts and, in particular, to on-line contracts.