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What kind of data can be submitted

For the time being, you can only use numerical data.
Non-numerical data falls in two cathegories: ordered and non-ordered.
If you have non-ordered data you have to transform it in "dummy variables".
We have 3 possible atributes for each case : Green,Blue or Red

Case name Caracteristic
A Red
B Red
C Green
D Blue
E Blue
Should be changed to:
Case Name Red Green Blue
A 1 0 0
B 1 0 0
C 0 1 0
D 0 0 1
E 0 0 1

If you have ordered non-numerical data (ordered values define a scale, for example Cold,Warm,Hot ) you must change it to numerical data maintaining the relative relationship between cathegories.
Case name Caracteristic
A Hot
B Hot
C Warm
D Cold
E Cold
Should be changed to:
Case Name Temperature
A 1
B 1
C 2
D 3
E 3

Another important point is that you cannot submit missing data.
If you have missing data in your database you must assign a value to it (the average value of other cases, for instance or the median value) before submitting it.But beware because replacing missing data is notorious for biasing the data analysis.