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Guide: How to Use and Features (ver.1.03)

Table of Content

1. Introduction

This is a step by step guide that walks you through the process of developing an artificial neural network (ANN) at
As you read, we will explain the features and how to use them.
If you feel that you need a more general introduction, then please try "Very Quick Guide to Neural Networks", or, some otherexternal links, for example "" Neural Networks: FAQ, Papers, and Various Other Things (gone), which is listed in our external link collection.

This is an example to show how to use our site.
It is not intended to demonstrate the power of ANNs and particularly ANNs at our site. There are better examples for that on our ANN Documentation page.

Here we give a very simple example of two simple mathematical function, a+b and a-b, plus two random number just to try to confuse the algorithm.

You will understand how to:
  • transfer the data from your spreadsheet to the data input page,
  • interpret the quality of the ANN obtained,
  • submit a new case for the ANN to answer (use the ANN to predict).
Intended audience:
  • The reader should know what ANNs are about.
  • It also helps having some knowledge about statistics.

Now move on to the next step: "The Data".