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Security means security of your data.
  1. What you can do
  2. In transit
  3. At our site
This means:
  1. What you can do

    First, you can substitute the names in the column and row headers by numbers.
    So "walnut-oil" becomes "1", "coconut-oil" becomes "2".
    Second, if you are afraid the the components could be identified by the range of the concentration, you could scale the values.
    So if you have in one column "2.6-E6 mol/l" and in another column "1.5-E3 mol/l", you can multiply all the values in the first column with 10E9 and the values in the second column with 10E6 and for the values above you would get 2600 and 1500, which should make it a lot safer.
    This is called anonymizing the data.

  2. In transit

    Your data is protected while in transit between our site and your site through the "SSL" protocol.
    The components are:

    1. Site certification (a real certificate will be issued)
    2. Transfer encryption
    If you wish to read more about the security related to the connection, we have a small page on "Site certification" and "Transfer encryption".

  3. At our site

    You have to log on to access your data, which requires a password. Hence, you can only view your data and others that do not have the required password can't access your data.
    In addition, we have state of the art secured server.