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01.Feb.2004 is now available in Portuguese!
For the beginning, only the part related to IT stuff. But it is a start!
02.Nov.2003 has a new face!
This reflects a major change at microCortex.
We now also offer IT services.
31.May.2002 Feature: ANN in your spreadsheet - You may download a spreadsheet containing your ANN!
03.May.2002 Documentation:
  • How to Use and Features - A step by step guide that walks you through the process of developing an ANNs at
  • How to Analyse the ANN - Demonstrated on the diagnosis of resistant bacteria in human
  • Very Quick Guide to Neural Networks - a general introduction and overview on developing and training feed forward neural networks
10.Mar.2002 Documentation: Credit Risk Assessment - A step by step financial guide to train ANNs
04.Apr.2001 Feature: Weights of ANN now available in a text report - This enables you to "copy" your ANN to a spreadsheet and make predictions on your computer offline.
09.Jan.2001 goes on-line!