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About Us

We offer consultant services and provide solutions for small to medium sized businesses, among others in...
  • Datamining:
    Focus is on ANNs. We provide solutions and/or get you in touch with consultants focused on this matter.
    Our "Brain on the Web", is an example for a web-based implementation, see below.
  • Intranet solutions:
    We provide solutions for intranets with heterogeonous environments (MS-PCs, Macs, etc). [ Read more ]
  • Secured Internet connectivity solutions:
    Firewalls, "Virtual Private Network" (VPN). [ Read more ]
  • In the Lisbon area we also supply the required hardware and infrastructure. [ Read more ]

We also provide free access to some tools.
They serve both, as a demonstration and a real tool, as long as your demands fit with CPU and memory limitations.